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"Body language" Blog Posts

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June 6, 2023

How to Use Body Language to Be a Better Leader – Tips From the Experts!

Bruna Martinuzzi speaks to body language experts, Joe Navarro and Anne-Maartje Oud, who share their tips on how to use non-verbal cues to help make your people feel at ease.


April 14, 2022

Can Your Body Language Make You More Powerful?

"The study also suggests that persistently practicing these power poses can, over time, improve our health and wellbeing" - Lucy Bishop

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March 5, 2018

Body Language: Speaking Without Words – #MTtalk Roundup

Body Language: a True Story Paying close attention to body language can have a significant effect at work. What follows is a true story! A few years ago I worked at a company where I was responsible for the human resources management. I was there for several years, and I got to know some of […]

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April 13, 2017

Presentations: Why You Need to Be Prepared!

I've been fortunate in not having to sit through a presentation that completely "bombed," and I've been doubly fortunate in that the few presentations that I've delivered left me, my audience, and my organization unscathed! But I've seen one or two that suffered technical hitches – projector bulbs blowing, dodgy microphones, and the like – and, once […]


June 5, 2015

Mind Your (Body) Language!

When dipping a toe into new cultures or visiting a country for the first time, the risk of committing an accidental faux pas is very real. At best, you suffer mild embarrassment, endure being the butt of a few jokes, and quickly make note of a lesson learned the hard way. In extreme cases, you […]

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April 14, 2014

What Does Your Manner Say About You?

You’re probably aware that crossing your arms makes you look defensive, and that slouching can make you appear lacking in confidence. But what about the more subtle signals you give out that are just as powerful, if less obvious. In our Expert Interview, communications consultant Nick Morgan explains how tone of voice affects a leader’s […]

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