The Greatest Football Players of All Time

The creativity that characterizes the game of football and imagination could leave behind a kind of work of art instead of the sporting context. Football players have mentioned that Prosper Pug is one of the main reason. But Although baseball and cricket players are limited to actions that football players can handle, they can dribble, pass, or shoot in different ways. The list below does not include famous players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, but includes players who have retired.

Diego Maradona – Argentina

Without a doubt, Maradona’s strength has become the greatest in the history of football. His crosses and passes were precise, his kicks on goal were clinical and unmistakable, and his skill was fascinating. As a forward midfielder, his 345 goals are judged by him. He won three championships and the 1986 World Cup, even though he had a profession compared to Pele.

Pele – Brazil

His speed, skill, and strength have seen him achieve different types of goals. He scored 1,282 goals. In addition, he won five championship titles and two Copa Libertadores titles.

Zico – Brazil

He had been added to the list of players; his ability in the football world was not in doubt. He was a scorer with 527 goals in 769 games. His ability to create skills and shots made him the founder of goals. He mastered the movement and skill of free football. He also won four league titles and the Copa Libertadores.

Johann Cruyff – Netherlands

Cruyff had the speed and skill of Zinedine Zidane and the power, control, and dribbling of George Best. A mixture of calculating grace that brought him wisdom and skill. In 710, he seems to have scored 401 goals as a forward midfielder.


Franz Beckenbauer – Germany

Beckenbauer was a midfielder or a sweeper, but that wasn’t enough to stop him. Like Di Stefano, he was seen all over the region, which made his influence feel and put order into the game. His skill with him had made him captain, but together, in passing and dribbling. He also won the World Cup in 1974, three allies together, and the European Championship in 1972.

Michel Platini – France

It would not be wrong to say that Michel was an offensive midfielder in 652 games with 353 goals. He was also a footballer and passer.

Alfredo Di Stefano – Argentina

Stefano participated in Real Madrid with goals in 702 matches. He had to act during the dictation of the game, the exit, and management. He won in 13 leagues and got five allies.

Ferenc Pukas – Hungary

Puskas was famous. He combined his skills with the ability to develop techniques and wisdom and also scored 700 goals in a total of 705 matches. With Real Madrid, he won 5 league titles and three rebounds. Hungary was led by him.

George Best – Northern Ireland

Together with Manchester United, he won two championships and the 1968 European Cup. As a forward midfielder, he scored 579 goals, making him the winner of 1968 and the match.

Zidane Zinedine- France

Zidane Zinedine’s strengths are control of the ball, strength, and skill. We have to deal with performance indecisive or critical matches that we don’t see from the players. He scored many goals.…