How to Properly Manage Your Time

Effective time management is quite easy once you understand that you don’t have to spend too much time, but you have to complete the allotted time. After all, you can’t take a break or go back in time. By learning ways to develop your personalized time management scheme, you can start getting things done. Here is how to properly manage your time.

Set Deadlines

Deadlines are incredibly important for time management. Many people don’t understand this, but work has a magical way of stretching out the allotted time. Many individuals have this experience and have done nothing! I know I was able to do it. I spent annoying hours in positions where I had to write and say things. It’s crazy, but the moment I started to put deadlines on my activities and take responsibility for them, things really started to change because it was no longer possible to waste the time I needed to do my job.

Chunk Tasks

The next way to manage time efficiently is grotesque. This could be a GNP idea that, if you want to do something big, says it is much easier to break it down into manageable “pieces” that could be done quickly and easily. Take this report, for example. It is just one of 1000 that I intend to write for this particular effort.

If I had to think about writing articles like the huge collection of keywords and names that I have, it is an overwhelming and unmanageable task, but if I focus on it because of the six articles and the eight linking wheels that I do every day, it is much more manageable, especially if I throw them all down and take care of them one by one. So if you lose a big, scary task, it will eventually break into pieces that you know you can handle.

Speed Up

Working After all, the best strategy to focus on efficient time management is to speed up the tasks at hand. For example, it took me three weeks to write my first email campaign and all 118 messages. I am on track to write 270 posts and create 374 linking circles (consisting of 3-10 smaller documents and a few posts). This is something I could have realized until I worked to speed things up. For example, I worked to make my posting pace 5-20 minutes, usually about 12 per hour myself, and tried to increase the pace each time.